Moksh CAD

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Harness the Power of Smartsourcing with Moksh CAD

MokshCAD stands at the forefront of the global arena, bridging the gap between technology and construction industries by connecting fabricators, builders, and architects with highly skilled professionals. With a legacy rooted in excellence, our commitment to forging strong relationships is unwavering, ensuring our partners and clients receive the best of our engineering and design talent.

Round the clock, 365 days a year, we deliver unmatched, cost-effective engineering design and technology solutions to our clients, across the globe, that cater to the needs of a constantly evolving industry. Our vast experience spanning over two decades has seen us collaborate with organizations globally, providing support and services that empower businesses to focus on growth and cultivating new business relationships.

We leverage cutting-edge technology from our state-of-the-art facility in India and 10 other strategic locations worldwide to offer our services remotely from anywhere, anytime.

Each MokshCAD employee embodies the essence of our brand – experience, quality, and commitment to the highest international standards. We adhere to time-tested and globally recognized best practices, guaranteeing precision outcome that consistently exceed expectations.

our vision

Our vision is to redefine traditional engineering outsourcing into a global smartsourcing practice that provides scalability to our clients beyond boundaries; we aim to be a value driven partner, forging lasting human relationships. We want to enable companies to channel their energies toward their core missions powered by our expertise.

Moksh CAD

our mission

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge Engineering Design and Technology solutions in 2D/3D CAD designing, CNC Programming, BIM Modelling, Estimation & Take Offs, and other core projects leveraging our generational legacy of more than 20-years.