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In the interconnected tapestry of global businesses, Mokshtech emerges as the beacon of reliability and security, offering 24x7x365 IT Managed Services to organizations across the spectrum, with a special focus on fabricators, architecture, and the construction industry. Our services are the epitome of cost-effectiveness and assurance, tailored to enable organizations to channel their energies and focus on their core business operations while we ensure the seamless functioning of their IT systems and infrastructure.

Our expertise envelops the management of servers, networks, desktops, mobile devices, data-centers, and cloud services. Guided by a team of adept engineers, we are dedicated to sustaining and managing your IT frameworks discreetly and proficiently. Our adherence to ITIL protocols and SLA-driven service delivery underscores our steadfast commitment to excellence.

tools we specialise in

  • Moksh CAD Administrative Services
  • Moksh CAD Backups – 24/7
  • Moksh CAD Software Development

benefits of smartsourcing with us

expert management for
diverse needs

From Moraware/Stone Profit Management to Server/Network Support, we offer specialized services to cater to a broad spectrum of IT management needs, ensuring your projects are supported by state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Moksh CAD
Moksh CAD

adapt to technological

Our services are adept at supporting a myriad of technologies, be it Windows PC, Linux/Unix Platform, or MAC/Android Platform, offering you unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to navigate through diverse IT landscapes.

discover comprehensive
IT solutions

Our range of services, extending from Helpdesk Services to Software Development and Remote Infrastructure, provides holistic solutions to address varied IT necessities, elevating your operational efficiency and success.

Moksh CAD
Moksh CAD

secure and reliable
IT services

Align with us to ensure your IT systems are robust and secure. Our services symbolize security and reliability, providing you peace of mind and ensuring seamless operational flow.

leverage innovation and
excellence with mokshtech

With us, every service is a symbol of innovation and excellence, reshaping the future of IT solutions on a global scale. Navigate the realms of technological advancement with services that are designed to set global benchmarks.

Moksh CAD
Moksh CAD

transform your
IT landscape with us

Revolutionize your IT experience. Collaborate with Mokshtech and explore innovative and secure IT solutions designed to elevate your operational landscapes. Connect now and set new milestones in IT excellence.

tools we specialise in

Moksh CAD

Administrative Services

Moksh CAD

Backups - 24/7

Moksh CAD

Software Development

Design Estimation

BIM Modeling

Cabinetry Drawings/Millwork

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